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How much do you know about environmentally friendly and naturally degradable materials? Date:2020-08-10

Plastic, difficult to degrade, and easy to produce harmful substances when burning, is the problem of garbage disposal at present. Especially thin film plastic, mostly disposable, and difficult to recycle.To so...

Where is the importance of new green materials? Date:2020-08-03

Green environmental protection new material which is good? Everyone says that environmental protection is very important, to do a good job in environmental protection, but why is environmental protection so imp...

Environmentally friendly alternatives to pulp moulding can be naturally degraded Date:2020-07-21

All companies in an industry compete with industries that produce alternative products, which limit the potential benefits of an industry by setting pricing caps on the profits companies in the industry can mak...

Can naturally degrade the pulp molding cost and pulp molding standard parts Date:2020-07-21

Outbreak, reduce the cost is a difficult problem in front of the all the operator's eye, though under the background of global plastic limit, ban plastic greatly, in paper generation model is a big trend, d...

Ban plastic upgrade, paper instead of plastic, not only pulp molding Date:2020-07-21

On behalf of paper on behalf of plastic packaging products which good? Unrecycled plastic contaminates the oceans, the soil, the tiny particles of plastic make their way back through the food chain to the human...

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