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Naturally degradable pulp molding occupies a proportion in the packaging industry

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Editing time : 2020-08-05

Naturally degradable pulp molding occupies a proportion in the packaging industry

Twenty-five percent of synthetic materials are used in the packaging industry. In the packaging paper and cardboard accounted for 30%, plastic accounted for 25%, metal accounted for 25%, glass accounted for 15%. The above data fully illustrates the importance of paper packaging (pulp molding packaging industry).

Paper (molded pulp and paper board) packaging occupies the highest proportion in the packaging, and due to its environmental protection characteristics, its market share is still increasing, many enterprises have realized the importance of environmental protection, so they have abandoned the original plastic packaging to pulp molded packaging.

Degradable pulp moulding

China's modern packaging industry has developed rapidly since the implementation of the reform and opening policy. After decades of development, China packaging has become a paper, cardboard, paper pulp molding, plastic, metal, glass, packaging and printing and packaging machinery equipment as the main industry of independent, complete, complete industrial system and in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, bohai bay for key areas of packaging industry pattern.

In terms of the total occupation of the packaging industry, China is undoubtedly a packaging power, but by no means a packaging power. The paper pulp molding performance for the enterprise independent innovation ability is still relatively weak, the value of packaging in the industrial chain is not fully reflected. Repeated construction at a low level has led to a serious contradiction between excess production capacity of low-end products and insufficient supply of high-end products, and the lack of sustainable development.

China's packaging industry needs to shift from simply relying on volume growth and expanding production capacity development to relying on scientific and technological innovation, technological progress, optimization and adjustment of the structure to enhance the core competitiveness of industrial development. Degradable pulp moulding

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