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Where is the importance of new green materials?

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Editing time : 2020-08-03

Green environmental protection new material which is good? Everyone says that environmental protection is very important, to do a good job in environmental protection, but why is environmental protection so important because we only have one earth! We all live on the earth, whether it is the shortage of resources or pollution, the first one is ourselves, so we have the responsibility to do a good job in environmental protection.

Human society, after the extreme use of natural resources and economic development, is deeply aware of the impact of ecological environment destruction on human survival, hence the rise of environmental awareness and ecological conservation concepts. The rapid depletion of natural resources has far outstripped its ability to regenerate, and environmental conservation is an urgent task in the 21st century. People all over the world have deeply realized the importance of environmental protection, and they have been devoting great efforts to the establishment of environmental protection organizations, the formulation of environmental laws and regulations, and the adoption of international trade sanctions in order to stop the continued destruction of ecology. After the economic miracle of Taiwan, to gain a competitive edge in the international market, a place to survive is not only to strengthen the niche of enterprises, but also to focus on ecological conservation. Environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of every enterprise and every people, making it a competitive enterprise and a country. Green environmental protection new material which is good?

According to statistics from the ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency in 1980, each person in Taiwan USES up to 157 kilograms of paper a year, while the entire island USES more than 30 million tons of paper a year, equivalent to 400 million trees. So we should save resources, such as using recycled paper, which may save a lot of trees, after all, the growth of trees need a long time ah! .

For the sustainable development of mankind, environment is a factor that must be considered in economic development. The resources on the earth are limited, and nature has certain laws and regulations. If human beings cannot abide by them and only pursue material development with science and technology, many irreversible problems will be created. So environmental protection is very important, because there is only one earth!

The earth is our home and our "mother". But with the change of times, high technology has become an indispensable thing for everyone.

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