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Address:868 Jiuxin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Zanxi Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd. is a science and innovation service company, which is oriented by domestic and global environmental protection policies and focuses on green, low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development of integrated packaging integrated solutions.

Integrating research and development, design, color printing, packaging decoration, 3D three-dimensional printing, degradable environmental protection packaging materials, paper and plastic hanging CARDS, labels, IOT RFID tags and other categories of sustainable development integrated new modern environmental protection technology packaging services, brand operation enterprises.

The company's business operation center is located in Shanghai Songjiang Caohejing Business Park, the origin of The G60 Scientific innovation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta. It is close to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and high-speed railway station, with convenient transportation, superior business environment and superior geographical location.

The company has been granted first-class authorized distribution and brand operation service provider in the asia-pacific region in the field of environmentally degradable packaging materials and products by HuiLinTechnologyGroup, the global invisible champion of environmental degradation technology group!

The company mainly provides international and domestic high-end customers from all walks of life in the whole field: in line with the domestic and global environmental protection policies of disposable environmental tableware, natural degradable pulp mold, biological plastics, electronic die-cutting, natural degradable new materials, environmental protection film free paper and other products and supporting product development services; Committed to enhance customer product competitiveness, consolidate customer brand value!!

Government and global environmental policy oriented; Take green, low carbon, environmental protection, food grade, natural degradation of new material technology products, to the market packaging materials to remove plastic, substitute plastic urgent, huge demand for the target; To join the chain city partner mechanism, to operate the "Zxi Environmental ke brand", to serve the market, reward the team, return shareholders, power partners, return the society!

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