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Shanghai Zanxi environmental protection packaging production strength reflects

powerfulR&d test Center,Zero deforestationGreen new materials,Food gradeFully enclosed manufacturing base, radiation radius860kmDistribution system,24HGlobal customer service System,Ball of compliance operationEnvironmental protectionapproval。

ZanXi packaging - Product center

Green, low-carbon, environmental, safe and sustainable integrated packaging solutions (natural degradable tableware, whole-field degradable packaging materials, Internet of Things intelligent technology, 3D technology, paper printing)

Product class

Disposable environmental friendly tableware
Environmentally friendly new material
Degradable packaging products
Internet of Things RFID intelligent class
Electronic die cutting
3D stereoscopic products
Paper/plastic prints
Business administration consulting
10 Years ahead

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一次性环保餐具价格 绿色环保新材料研发

Join strategic cooperation—promote green ecology together,Create a life of wealth!
A win-win road for sustainable development under the global trend of environmental protection

Choose the zane package7reasons
He has been focusing on biodegradable environmental packaging for many years

AboutZanxi packaging

Shanghai Zanxi Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd. is a science and innovation service company, which is oriented by domestic and global environmental protection policies and focuses on green, low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development of integrated packaging integrated solutions.

Integrating research and development, design, color printing, packaging decoration, 3D three-dimensional printing, degradable environmental protection packaging materials, paper and plastic hanging CARDS, labels, IOT RFID tags and other categories of sustainable development integrated new modern environmental protection technology packaging services, brand operation enterprises.



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